The Big Mama Earth Academy (BMMELA) needs your support.  With your generous contribution we will continue to spread the knowledge our children need to sustain our home planet.  ”Any amount helps.”  Consider your contribution as your childrens and/or grandchildren as an environmental insurance policy so they can continued efforts as good stewards of planet earth.

BMMELA needs your support to expand our mission of education for all.

  • You can contribute to BMMELA in several different ways.  These include individual, corporate, or institutional donations or by providing in-kind services.
  • Qualified environmental experts may offer articles, data, referrals, or project support.
  • Communities are invited to share their initiatives.
  • Corporations may choose to showcase their environmental achievements in our forum  - or to partner with BMMELA to expand them.
  • Organizations, trade associations, social groups, and government agencies are encouraged to collaborate with BMMELA to energize the    development of new technologies and programs.