Our Mission

Big MaMa Earth Learning Academy (BMMELA) endeavors to identify, categorize, and disseminate current environmental and related social educational information to children, families, educators, and community leaders to raise their awareness about viable solutions to the global environmental challenges we face.

Humanities Disconnect

During the last two hundred years starting with the industrial revolution, the state of our 3lanet has changed as humanity has furthered its disconnect with Mother Earth.

Over Consumption of Earth’s Resources

We continue to over-consume many of the Earth’s natural resources to a point of exhaustion, with little regard for the long term effects that it will have on our Planet and its inhabitants.

Increasing Public Awareness

Today, there is increasing public awareness of such critical environmental issues as climate change, pollution, C02 emissions and animal species extinction.

Global Awareness

Industrialized nations, our current administration and the general public are realizing that these issues are real and effect everyone on Planet Earth.

What Can We All Do?

If there were a way to get everyone on our Planet involved – to just do a little bit, in their own neighborhood, in their own home – we could accomplish a great deal.

Empowering Factual and Non-Biased Information

We at BMMELA are dedicated to empowering children and their families everywhere to take action through the dissemination of factual and non-biased scientific information that is both empowering and entertaining that can bring about small but incremental changes, and ultimately empower humankind’s reconnection to Mother Earth.

Global Issues

These issues face everyone on our Planet today and no one can escape from them.

BMMELA May Be The Catalyst

BMMELA may be the catalyst to further empower people worldwide to understand that we all need to take responsibility, each in our own way – from governments to individuals – to implement real solutions.

We Are All Connected

As a civilization, we’re only now beginning to realize that the indigenous have known how to live in harmony with Mother Earth for thousands of years…and we are just now beginning to learn that.  Once we realize that we are all connected to everyone and everything on this Planet, then we will honor all forms of life and live in harmony on Planet Earth with all of its inhabitants.

Unprecedented Opportunity

We have an unprecedented opportunity to make lasting positive change on Planet Earth

Let’s Empower Everyone to do so..Your Future is NOW!